Acrobatique is a Creative Branding Boutique.

The agency provides a broad range of services including branding, advertising, integrated marketing, public relations, education, digital publicity, social media, event ideation and execution, media relations, media buying, sponsorship and media activation, community outreach, video production and has experience in a wide range of industries including consumer packaged goods, healthcare, hospitality, auto, food and beverage, and nonprofit.

At Acrobatique success begins with strategy.

Our team places a great emphasis, combined with sharp thinking and accurate research to build a strategy that will be the most effective way to make our client’s brands known.

Whether it’s multi-media, multi-channel or multi screen, each medium, method and idea are put into action within the marketplace in support of the strategy, to insure the success of your brand.

We believe successful strategy building is a point of differentiation for us, and it produces great results.

Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing.

Acrobatique Creative believes that a brand needs to be consistent in marketing both online and offline. It is important to make sure that consumers understand that the marketing message needs to have synergy and consistency throughout digital and traditional channels to create a successful result.  Incorporating digital marketing with other various traditional marketing channels is key to a successful Integrated marketing campaign and ensure that the client’s spend delivers metrics that demonstrate ROI from marketing investments.

As the lines blur between website user experience, publishing content, sharing on social media, and optimization for search and visibility across devices, Acrobatique Creative’s philosophy is to assimilate and fuse digital marketing and other marketing channels to create, manage and own the complex multi-channel, integrated strategy. Acrobatique believes in applying these key marketing fundamentals to drive strategy, implementation and measurement.

The ability to integrate and strategically deliver consistent cross channel marketing leads to increased engagement and creates a deeper emotional connection with consumers. Adding Social Media, Digital Publicity and Content Management to a Traditional Marketing and Media Plan is essential for brands and allows consumers to have meaningful two-way conversations, making the connection and relationships that much stronger.

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