Rhythm & Groove

Acrobatique Creative concepted, branded and planned Rhythm & Groove for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to Celebrate International Jazz Day. Rhythm & Groove took place on Saturday April, 30th at the August Wilson Center in the Cultural District with 700 guests spent the night club hopping at the August Wilson Center. Imagine a legendary jazz club, a notorious dance hot spot, an intimate speakeasy and a cool out art lounge

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Chocolate Bar

Pittsburgh’s chocolatiers stood over their delectable displays as a conductor would his orchestra, readying themselves for the chocolate cacophony that was awaiting the sold out crowd at the Benedum. Facilitated by Acrobatique Creative, The Chocolate Bar was a night of endless enchantment.

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Pittsburgh Earth Day

As creatives, we have a naturally profound respect for mother earth and all her offerings. So when Earth Day rolled around last year Acrobatique Creative geared up to honor our planet in ways that only we can. Entering into the 46th year of the Earth Day movement which continues to ignite activism for preserving our planet, Acrobatique Creative aided in showcasing to the world how much Pittsburgh has transcended itself from a Steel Town.

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Having lived through the Heaven era together, I knew I could trust Ronda and her team to recreate the energy and level of sophistication that was so essential to the "Heaven" brand. Acrobatique pulled it off with class and great style! It was a very nostalgic night for everyone who attended this special event. - Richard Stern


The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Celebrates Global Day of Discovery

The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is kicking off its “Summer of Discovery,” inviting hotel guests and the local community to marvel at the wonders of the universe with a premier “Stargazing” event on Thursday, June 26, 2014 from 6:00-8:00pm. The event, which will take place simultaneously with over 150 Renaissance Hotels around the world, is part of the lifestyle hotel brand’s third annual “Global Day of Discovery.”

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Braddock’s American Brasserie

Braddock's American Brasserie is an upscale restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh managed by Sage Restaurant Group, a restaurant and hospitality company based out of Denver, Colorado. With a miniscule budget for traditional media, our task was to drive ROI and consumer awareness through an integrated approach using social media, events, strategic community partnerships and PR.

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